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JAMF Parent Controls

Technology has great potential to enhance teaching and learning, but it can also be disruptive. Some students struggle with using the iPad responsibly at home, and we often get questions such as, ""How can I limit my child only to content that they need to complete their schoolwork or homework?" JAMF Parent is an app that provides parents with some control over what their children can access.

What is JAMF? MPCSD iPads are managed through the JAMF Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. We use JAMF to set restrictions on iPads and also to deploy the apps students need for learning. In this way, students have access only to those controls, functions, and apps that we deem necessary.

JAMF Parent App Logo

The JAMF Parent app allows you to easily place restrictions on which apps and websites are available and place time limits on iPad usage.   JAMF Parent takes only minutes to install and learn how to use.

Key Points

  • JAMF Parent controls are disabled between 6 AM and 4 PM on weekdays to ensure class activities are not impacted; this includes during school breaks.
  • JAMF Parent is available for iOS and Android devices. You don't have to have an Apple product to manage your child's iPad.
  • Installation of JAMF Parent and pairing to your student’s iPad takes only a few minutes.
  • You can restrict your student’s iPad to the apps and websites that YOU choose.
  • You can set a timed period for iPad use or create a daily schedule of availability. You can set an end-of-day cutoff time.
  • Simple to modify or suspend the restrictions that you have set.
  • If you have siblings attending Hillview, JAMF Parent can control multiple iPads.

Installation and Use

  1. Install JAMF Parent from the App Store or Play Store on your own device.
  2. Launch the app and select “Add Child.”
  3. On your student’s iPad, open Self Service, click on the  icon in the upper right corner, then scan the QR code using JAMF Parent.
  4. Use the “Allowed Apps” tab to control which apps are available to your student.
  5. Use the “Device Rules” tab to restrict browsing to specific web sites and scheduled times.   TIP: In the “Device Rules” tab, the “Custom” category has additional functionality that allows you to restrict apps based on a defined schedule.


Watch this brief tutorial and it will walk you through the steps outlined above. For more information, refer to "Everything you need to know about the Jamf Parent App."


While JAMF Parent can be a quick fix to helping your child stay focused on school work and not on distractions, we recommend that you combine the use of JAMF Parent with education. Limiting your child's iPad use solves a problem, ut the long-term goal is for them to internalize healthy, productive, and responsible use of technology.