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Hillview uses an organizational structure called the Academy Model that groups students and teachers into smaller learning communities in order to provide greater attention to individual student needs and to develop a sense of community within a smaller group of students who share the same academic teachers. Each academy has approximately 100 students. Students may or may not have their academy/grade-level math teacher as that is dependent upon the student's math course.

Academies & Staff for 2023-24

6th Grade

Everest: Melanie Ramsey (Humanities Core), Kathryn Rippentrop (Humanities Core), Kieth Nicol (Science)

Olympus: Kate Stickel (Humanities Core), Chris Gumbrecht (Humanities Core), Jesus Rojas (Science)

Vesuvius:  Julie Williams (Humanities Core), Danielle Beres (Humanities Core), Elizabeth Wrotniewski (Science) 

7th Grade

Cloud Nine: Jessica Ross (English), Shalann Kunkel (Social Studies),  Arion Espinoza (Science)

Mavericks: Katrina Hsieh (English), Marianne Santo (Social Studies),  James Green (Science)

Pipeline: Jorge Pacheco (English), Mike Rogers (Social Studies), Heiko Ritter (Science)

8th Grade

Explorers: Sara Dara-Abrams (English), Kim Staff (Social Studies), Daniel Valdez (Science)

Pioneers: Christine Beirne (English), Tara Kieth (English), Lexy Keller (Social Studies), Susan Arrington (Science)

Trailblazers: Joseph O'Brien (English), Mimi Nguyen (Social Studies), Kara Connelly (Science)